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EV Chargers 

Prime is committed to offering industry-leading technology. Wall EV Chargers are faster and smarter than standard wall-plug chargers. And it’s an investment in your home.

  • More Miles, Faster.

  • Flexible for the Future.

  • App Connectivity.

  • Financing.

More Miles, Faster
Charge your EV at home up to 9x faster than the standard 110-volt wall outlet using a 50-amp charger.


Flexible for the Future
Universal Chargers can charge any EV, which means it’s a charging solution for your current vehicle and your future one.

App Connectivity
EV Charger can come with  mobile app that let you schedule charging, find public chargers, and stay notified about your charging status.

Financing, Your Way
You can finance your EV Charger or bundle it with Other offered services.

5 Years System Warranty

We are so confident in our products and services that we provide , We offer the best comprehensive Warranty for your product Components.


Our Vendors and Manufacturers

Our Commitment to bring the best quality products from the Original sources and with the best prices. 


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Electricity Laws and Incentives in Florida


All-Electric Vehicle (EV) and EV Charging Station Rebates - KUA

Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) provides rebates of $100 to residential customers for the purchase of a new EV and $100 for the purchase and installation of a home EV charging station. for more information Click here

Commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Rebates - Duke Energy

Duke Energy offers rebates to commercial customers for the installation of Level 2 and direct current fast charging (DCFC) stations. Rebate amounts vary by EV charging station technology and applicant type. for more information Click here

Commercial Electrification Rebates - Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)

JEA offers commercial customers rebates for the purchase or lease of electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging stations. 

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Credit - Duke Energy

Duke Energy offers a $10 monthly credit to residential customers who charge EVs during off-peak hours. Eligible customers must have a Level 2 EV charging station. Participation is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, see the Duke Energy Off-Peak Charging Credit website.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Incentive for Dealerships – Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC)

OUC offers financial incentives to dealerships for the sale or lease of an EV. for more information Click here

Electric Vehicle (EV) Rebate - Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC)

OUC provides rebates of $200 to residential customers who purchase or lease an eligible new or preowned EV. Applicants must apply within six months of the purchase or lease of the EV. For more information, see the OUC Electric Vehicles website. for more information Click here

See How much getting an EV Charger Installed costs for your home ?

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